I’m Clare Thwaites and I am passionate about helping as many people as possible live the healthiest, happiest and most fulfilling lives possible.

Your weight, health, body image and energy levels are a HUGE part of your overall quality of life.

I want to share brilliant, honest information with you – that REALLY works – and make a lifelong, permanent positive change in your life rather than a quick fix.

Losing weight IS hard, and DOES need determination, I’m not going to lie to you! If it was easy then everyone would have already done it!

However, with the right support, the right diet, and by making your workouts smarter instead of longer, you really CAN make a difference – AND feel GREAT while you do it.

Don’t give up! YOU are in control of your body, nobody else. YOU and ONLY YOU, can make positive changes that you will thank yourself for forever.


A ton of regret never makes an ounce of difference.”

GRENVILLE KLEISER, Dictionary of Proverbs