does drinking water help you lose fat for good?Today I ask the question : does drinking water help you lose fat for good?

It is common knowledge that water is a really great healthy drink. You cannot drink anything that will benefit your body more, and with fewer calories.

Water is the most natural drink for us to put in our bodies and it is FREE throughout the world. Although tap water is sadly not safe to drink worldwide.

The bottled water industry is huge worldwide, which is a shame because there is enough for everyone on the planet and we don’t all have enough safe drinking water. That’s a subject for another article though!

In this post, I will look at how drinking water benefits us and how it specifically can help us to lose fat for good – if it can – or if it is just a myth.


First Some Fat Loss Basics:


In order to lose fat, and just for good health in general, we need to get our body to be running at its optimum, and happiest. We need to treat ourselves right!

We need to be using more calories than we consume, so that our body will start to use its reserves of fat instead of storing more, and we begin to get lean.

We need to try our hardest to only put good foods and fluids into our body, so it can process them easily.

There are many areas to be aware of here. Even factors like having enough sleep each night will help us to make sure our body is running at its’ optimum, which is when it is best placed to burn fat if that is what we are trying to do.

So as mentioned in my intro video, to lose fat we need to:

1. Consume less – both food and drinks.

2. Consume wisely – ie nutrient RICH natural whole foods and drinks, rather than nutrient WEAK over processed foods

3. Exercise

4. Be mentally strong and stick with it!


How Water Helps Us To Digest And Process Food


Our bodies are really amazing and considering what a lot of us put them through we have a lot to be thankful for! ALL of the main organs in our body need water to function properly, within reason.

Our kidneys, simply put, filter out nutrients from what we have eaten and drunk, and completely depend on water to work properly. I will write a more detailed post about the kidneys soon.


What Does the Liver Do Again?!


The liver is the largest organ in the body and a very important one, and it too needs water to perform effectively.

The 3 main functions of the liver are to:

1. Aid digestion

2. Extract nutrients from food

3. Break down harmful substances in our body such as alcohol and medicines, and remove these toxins from the body.

Here is a really great article I found about the liver, if you would like to read more what the liver does. Again, I will make a more detailed post about this soon.



Great Liver Article



So, to lose fat, we need to make sure that the liver and our whole digestive system can work as well as possible, and will convert stored fat to energy rather than storing more fat. Again this is a subject for another article, coming soon!

Drinking water is the simplest and healthiest drink we can drink as it has no toxins, no calories, and no nothing for the liver to process so it can concentrate on processing everything else in our body instead.

To flip it around a little, if we drink things OTHER than water, such as alcohol, then the liver WILL be busy processing and trying to filter out all the toxins from that, rather than dealing with and processing toxins we already have in our body.

If our organs are working at their best, and most efficiently, then we stand the best possible chance of losing fat so long as we eat well and not too much!

[custom_list type="check"] So yes, in terms of digestion, drinking water WILL help us to lose fat because it contains NO calories – so no fat can be stored from drinking it – and it contains NO toxins – so no extra work for the liver or kidney to do by drinking it – so the liver, kidneys and digestive tract can work towards dealing with toxins already IN the body rather than the new ones we just drank! [/custom_list]


Does Drinking Water Flush Out Toxins?


Yes, it absolutely does.

Just during our day to day lives we are bombarded by toxins – they can be in the air we breathe, in products we use to wash our hair or bodies, and of course in processed foods and drinks. Coffee, tea, fruit juices, sugary drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, and sodas ALL contain toxins and ingredients that our bodies do NOT need.

In fact, alarmingly, excessive intake of these drinks is causing more problems than high blood sugar.

Our body needs water to flush out these unwanted fluids from our body, so if we do not drink water, our body will use water it already has, which can leave us feeling dehydrated – IF we have not drunk enough water already that day.

Drinking water – within reason – helps our body transport nutrients to where they are needed and it helps us flush toxins and waste from our body. So, if our body is producing too many toxins, or is not effectively eliminating toxins, or if it is bombarded with unfamiliar toxins, then all these toxins can build up and cause health problems.

Therefore drinking water can be a great thing to do, to support the body’s natural toxin removal system, via the liver, digestive tract and kidneys, and also preventing the day to day build up of further toxins.

[custom_list type="check"] Yes, drinking water DOES help flush out toxins and helps our bodys main toxin removing and digestive organs function at their best, and most efficient.[/custom_list]


How Much Water Should I Drink?


The AMOUNT of water to drink each day seems to vary greatly according to whose advice you take.

I have seen anything from 1.5 litres of water per day, to 4+ litres recommended.

The fact is, drinking too MUCH water does not mean that we are helping our body to remove even MORE toxins. When water leaves our body, it does so mainly through sweat, and urine.

Our body is a very complex and amazing piece of machinery, and it already regulates the amount of water that it will hold onto, so that it is best able to control the amounts of certain essential compounds in our blood, like salt. Our kidneys process all of the liquid that we consume, to remove toxins or compounds that are not useful to the body and excrete them through your urine.

If we drink too much water, we generally retain the water and this means that the concentration of the salt in our blood is less. If we drink a very high level of water, then the salt level in the blood can become lower than the salt level in the other cells of our body, which is very rare, but it is called hyponatremia.

The excess water will then move from our blood, into cells and organs with less water, which will cause them to swell unnaturally. In extreme cases, the brain cells may swell dangerously and can even cause death as the brain is contained by the skull which is the strongest, thickest bones in our body and there is nowhere for the cells to swell into.

As a general rule – if you are thirsty – drink a little water. If you are not thirsty – then you are probably already drinking enough water and there is no need to drink more.

Lots of people confuse being thirsty with hunger. While there IS water in food – and the amount varies depending what the food is – it’s often good to have a drink first and wait 20 minutes or so and then see if you are still feeling hungry.

If you need to have ANY drink, try to drink water whenever you can rather than another drink, as it contains no calories, no sugar, no toxins, and its just the best thing you can do for yourself.

One way to easily tell if you are drinking enough water is the color of your urine. If it is coloured, then you probably need to drink a bit more water. If it is clear, then you are already well hydrated.

[custom_list type="check"] Personally, I have been drinking too much water according to my research above. I always thought the more the better – so I am interested to know this is not the case. I will be trying to drink no more than 3 litres of water per day from now on.[/custom_list]

So, DOES Drinking Water Help You To Lose Fat For Good?

Yes, it definitely does. I want to lose fat and stay clean and lean for the rest of my life and water is hands down the best drink to have to achieve this.

It’s important to note too that the body takes in water through tea, coffee, and all these sugary drinks too – but I personally will be avoiding these wherever possible from now on.

Our body also takes in water from foods – cucumbers, melons, and watermelons for example will contain more water than say, bread – but most foods contain some water.

So for me, I will be doing my best to only drink water from now on. I love my wine, and I get so much more work done when I have a coffee or red bull – so I will be investigating just how bad these are, soon!

Most importantly, I want to ENJOY my life, but enjoy it being mindful of what I put in my body and how it affects me.

My current weight is 64kg exactly. My goal weight is 55kg, what I was when I was 24! My action step to take away from this article, is to drink LESS water and see how it affects me!!

If you are reading this and you drink a lot of coffee, try drinking more water. If you do not drink water but drink sugary drinks, try cutting them out completely, or at least down as much as possible.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about how drinking water helps you lose fat for good, and I look forward to your comments below!


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