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lose-fat-logo-200If this is your first visit to Lose Fat For Good, WELCOME! :-)

This site aims to make dieting fun and simple. Sure, it won’t be EASY – but there are simple steps that you can follow based on our 3 step philosophy:

1. You literally ARE what you eat. Eat well, and eat in moderation, and your body will respond FAST!

2. Everyone needs to do some activity. The more you do is not necessarily better. We show you how to work out smarter, not harder, to get the best results in the shortest time!

3. Your mental attitude needs to stay positive. You have to believe you will lose fat and keep it off, and you need encouragement, positivity, will power, and a bit of humour too. If you eat a few brownies or have a real pig out – just get right back on your lose fat for good plan ASAP and don’t beat yourself up about it. Sure, the more you pig out, the longer it will take you to get results, but here, we are all HUMAN! Never forget that. We are ALL special, so we need to still have a life while we try to Lose Fat!

Below I will list some of the most popular posts as this site grows, but for now a GREAT place to start is by signing up to our newsletter! We give you great, positive, easy to follow tips, healthy meal ideas, funny quotes, simple exercises and LOADS more.

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