foods to burn belly fat pictureHi, I’m Clare and welcome to my blog about how to lose fat for good - not just temporarily, but permanently.

I’ve been quite lucky in my life up to my early 30s (I’m 32 now) – because I could eat pretty much whatever I wanted and not put on any weight. I was always weighing about 9 stone – and was very happy with that.

Now, I can’t eat what I want without putting on weight which most likely comes on as fat as I don’t work out so much. I have also noticed that certain foods make me feel energised and others make me feel stodgy. I never really noticed before.

I have learned too that certain foods are great raw but not great cooked even if they are ‘healthy’ and other things like wholewheat grains aren’t necessarily good for you. The time of day you eat greatly affects how your body processes food too.

So, I’d like to be specific about what I am trying to do here. I want to lose fat specifically, NOT just weight in general, although I want to lose weight too.

Lots of crash diets make you starve yourself and you end up losing vital water from your body which means in the short term you lose weight but it’s not a permanent result. Or worse, you can lose actual muscle from your body and end up in a not healthy position even if you have lost weight.

I’m not too fat, I weight about 10 stone right now which is HUGE for me, but overall in the world, not obese. However, I’d like to feel in control of my body, weight, and overall fat level. I’ve been very lucky able to eat pretty much what I wanted most of my life so now I want to be a lot more mindful about what I eat and try to be strategic about getting a better body, and help YOU to do the same by following my journey.

I just measured myself and I have gone from my previous 34-26-34 to a crazy 34-34-38! That’s not how I want to look! It doesn’t help that I have size A cup breasts either, so I want to look in proportion.

I am starting to work out regularly, do yoga regularly, and eat a lot more mindfully and healthily. Right now I weight 65.5kg. I would like to get down to 55kg in 3 months if I can. I am drinking lots of water, and trying to eat lots of raw food when I can.

I started this website to share my journey of fat loss with you and to inspire other people to look after themselves and control their body fat, which will affect your whole body image, energy levels, and life in general.

I feel so much sexier when I feel lean and not fat. This is such a big deal for me and who wouldn’t want to feel sexy? Don’t get me wrong… I FEEL sexy now, but I feel so much MORE sexy when I feel trim and in control of my body weight, fat, and image.

So thanks for finding my website and reading this far, and I hope you learn lots of food truths here as I too am still learning and  will share everything I learn as I go along.

It’s all very well your friends and family and if you have one, partner, telling you are sexy but you have to really FEEL it inside. I also notice the difference when I eat healthily

Therefore, I’ve made a promise to myself that I will lose 1.5 stone of extra weight, and get back to the size I was in my mid 20s, where I felt effortlessly sexy and didn’t appreciate it! More importantly though, I want to permanently control my portion size so I wont just lose weight but I will keep it off. This blog will make me accountable for that, so I hope you enjoy the ride and this inspires you to do something for yourself too.

Life is short so live the best life you can! :-) And most importantly…. ENJOY! :-)


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